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Bing adds new features to Automated Imports

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Last year, Bing Ads announced automated imports where you can schedule your syncs from Google AdWords into Bing Ads. This means that you can spend less time duplicating campaign changes across different engines and focus on delivering more through Bing. Bing have now updated the feature, bringing with it advanced import options, as well as new features.

What are Bing Ads Automated Imports?

With this feature, Bing Ads gives you the ability to set your campaigns from Google AdWords to automatically sync with Bing Ads. Automated Imports lets you stay on top of all your campaigns across both platforms more efficiently.

Ensures Parity with Google

Bing Ads knows that it’s often treated as an afterthought when it comes to Paid Search optimisation. But it’s market share is growing, and in the UK alone they now claim to have around 26% of the market. It’s a platform that you can no longer ignore! Ideally, you should be treating with equal merit to Google, and this tool allows you to do that.

Of course, by doing this Bing ensures that there is no stone left unturned for it as a business to take on the might of Google and to potentially take more of it’s market share.

Saves you time

The main benefit is that it saves you the manual workload. If you don’t have access to tools such as DoubleClick Search or Marin etc. then managing Paid Search campaigns across different platforms can be a pain in the backside. This Auto Import tool means that you no longer have to duplicate workload, saving you time to do more interesting things.

What new features are available for Automated Imports?

You can now import from Google AdWords:

  • 10 thousand Campaigns
  • 1 million Ad Groups
  • 5 million keywords
  • 4 million ads
  • 2 million ad group-level and campaign-level negative keywords combined
  • 2 million ad group product partitions
  • 200,000 all other entities combined
  • 500,000 targets

Additionally, you can now import items into Bing Ads such as age and gender targeting, as well as negative keyword lists.

As well as this, Bing Ads have given us some more advanced import options so you can be more strategic with what specifically you are wanting to import from Google AdWords. This could be specific ad extensions, find and replace text in campaign names, or even pause newly imported campaigns.

Credit: Bing Ads, 2018

What do you need to do?

Look to schedule some Automated Imports for your core campaign elements

I have Automated Imports scheduled for my Ad Extensions across Bing accounts. It’s always something you forget to duplicate across. Having this setup across some of your core campaign elements such as this ensures that you have full parity across the engines and are always maximizing your ad real estate.

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