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Bing Ads Launches Flyers Pilot

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We are coming up to the Holiday Season and Bing Ads have launched a few product updates for us; one of the most interesting is the launch of the ‘Flyers’ pilot. The options are to use Flyer Extensions, Flyer Product Ads, or Flyer Product Carousels. 

What are ‘Flyers’ in Bing Ads?

Flyer Extensions (or ‘Flyers’) allow you to display your best deals and hottest products to users on Bing in three ways;

  1. As a Flyer Extension next to your Text Ads
  2. As a Flyer Product Ad for specific queries such as “retailer + holiday event’. An example of this could be “John Lewis Black Friday”. 
  3. As a Flyer Product Carousel on more generic search queries such as “weekly deals”, “best offers” etc. 

Flyer Extensions

These help promote your best deals through a visual extension next to your text ads. They look like this:

Credit: Bing Ads, 2018

Flyer Product Ads and Flyer Carousels

Obviously these will require your Bing Merchant Centre linked up but these essentially surface your best deals and offers in ad formats that look like the below;

Credit: Bing Ads, 2018
Credit: Bing Ads, 2018

What’s in the small print?

  • Flyer Extensions are available in Bing Ads, with the other formats set to follow soon.
  • Users that click on the extension will be directed to the destination URL
  • You will be a charged a cost-per-click
  • You’ll get standard performance reporting alongside this
  • They work in combination with other ad extensions
  • You’ll need to work with your Bing Ads team to get onto the Pilot
  • They are only available in the US at the moment

What does this mean for you?

Could it look a bit trashy?

I think that if the Bing Results Page was littered with these for specific queries it could look a little cluttered. I don’t think that this will happen any time soon with it being a Pilot, but it could easily become a bit of a minefield for Bing and its users if it was fully launched. How do you police what advertisers can place in the image?

It’s worthy of a test during the holiday season

It’s probably worth a test during the holidays to at least try and gain an advantage over your competitors whilst customers are searching more than ever for these kind of search queries. 

Bing Ads are at least trying to diversify their offering compared to Google Ads

I think it’s great that Bing Ads are trying different solutions for advertisers instead of copying what works well on Google Ads. Long may it continue!

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