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Bing Ads Price Extensions Launched

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Bing Ads has launched Price Extensions. Price Extensions are an ad extension that display your product or services along with their corresponding prices to users on Bing. Clicks on these extensions can link to your website or even a preferred third party storefront like Amazon.

Bing say that this year they are focused on creating new opportunities for advertisers via their Ad Extensions across Desktop and Mobile. This means that we can probably expect to see more investment in this area from Bing Ads this year.

So, tell me more about Price Extensions

Bing Ads Price Extensions

Credit: Bing Ads Blog, 2018

You’ll be used to using these in Google Adwords since around July 2016. Google said at the time that advertisers that utilized the ad extension early on saw an uplift in CTR versus Mobile Sitelinks of +117% and an +18% uplift in CTR on ads overall (Google Inside Adwords, 2016). So finally Bing Ads have introduced these to advertisers and it’s users.

What do you need to know?

Here we go…

  • It’s launched in the US now and this will roll out internationally from this month (this excludes China, Hong Kong and Taiwan)
  • Available across Desktop and Mobile
  • They can be added in the Bing Ads UI, via the Bing Ads API or imported from Adwords
  • Subject to editorial review so they may take time to appear in the results
  • Prices used in the Price Extension itself must be visible on the landing page
  • Landing page can be a third party seller such as Amazon or Walmart
  • You are charged per click, just like Sitelinks. So essentially the CPC will be the same as if it was a click on the headline
  • Can be shown with other ad extensions such as Sitelinks
  • Descriptions can’t be duplicated in the header
  • Descriptions can be up to 25 characters
  • They only show for ads listed at the top of the page
  • An account, campaign or ad group can have up to 20 Price Extensions
  • May not always show for every query
  • You can change the order that the Price Extensions appear
  • One Price Extension will be visible in the ad, with a drop down menu showing three additional listings
  • It doesn’t look like we will get a carousel format like we get on Google
  • Obviously they must adhere to the Price Extension policies

Here’s a breakdown of all of the different fields that you’ll need to fill in:

Bing Price Extensions

Credit: Bing Ads Help, 2018

What do you need to do?

Use the Import tool and schedule your extensions for Google Adwords parity

With this option, there really shouldn’t be any excuses for not having parity with Google. Instead of having to manage the activation across the different engine’s, you can use this tool to sync changes you’ve made in Adwords into Bing.

You’ll need to be in the top spot

You may need to readjust your bids to get your ads high enough in the results pages for them to appear.

Be quick and Test Test Test

When they become available in your market, get them set up and test to see the impact. The quicker you get them in the account, the better the advantage you’ll have over your competitors. Let the data tell you what to do next with your price extensions. Try testing different landing pages too!

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