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The Rise of Bing

The Rise of Bing
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Bing’s share of search is growing globally and the platform is offering higher conversion rates and cheaper CPC’s when compared to Google. It’s becoming more viable than ever before.

The Rise of Bing

Bing is the second most popular search engine in the UK after Google, holding 25% of the market share (across desktop search). There has been a 43% year on year market share growth with an impressive 896 million monthly searches, meaning it is a vital channel for Paid Search.

Head of Paid Media, Jack Felstead, explores whether Bing Ads can be more profitable than Google AdWords

Based on our own results that vary between different industries the recommended split would be 70% Google AdWords, and 30% Bing Ads, Bing is going to be a major player in the Paid Search industry

Bing Results YoY

Bing Ads Vs. Google AdWords Growth

When comparing the same accounts year on year for both Google AdWords and Bing Ads, we can see the percentile growth has far exceeded that of AdWords. Bing not only offers -29% lower costs per lead, but also boasts +30% higher ROI as well as +97% increase in revenue.


Benefits of Bing over Google

  • Bing provides great incremental reach with 25% market share and 869 million monthly searches in the UK, also bringing a unique, well-educated, high quality audience with 33% in the top 10-25% income bracket.
  • The Bing Ecosystem provides a network that includes Yahoo!, AOL and syndicated partners across screens/devices.
  • It has also showed to be more cost-effective and scalable, with lower CPC’s and is easy to import accounts from AdWords with auto-sync features.

The Challenge

It has been noticed that Paid Search accounts have been severely neglecting Bing. Either by not tracking conversions and revenue correctly (leading to decreased returns and investment through this channel), not utilising all the platforms features (such as Shopping, for example) or simply “syncing” the account with AdWords and leaving it, which really isn’t enough.

According to Jack Felstead

Bing is a completely different kettle of fish to Google and should be treated accordingly. Campaigns, Keywords and Ads all perform significantly different when compared to AdWords, so it’s essential that these are all tailored and optimised according to the platforms performance and features

As the Paid Search market becomes more and more competitive, the benefits and results that come from using Bing Ads speak for themselves.


The Data shown in this release was created between both MediaVision and Bing.

Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily PPC hubbub.

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