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Are You Missing Out On Hidden Extra Profits From Your Google Ads Campaigns?

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As you know, Google Ads is a very advanced traffic tool. So advanced in fact, that the majority of users never embrace its full potential. Although the basics are easy enough to master, the platform is huge and constantly expanding, which means the learning curve is steep and it can take years to fully utilise all it has to offer.

Problem is, it’s the deeper aspects of Google Ads that can really make a difference to your results.

Anyone can choose keywords, set their demographics and run basic ads. However, they can also expect basic results. Meanwhile, more advanced users, who really understand the deeper functions and reporting elements, are regularly achieving a far higher ROI (Return On Investment).

This is not really surprising, however, as Google Ads is like most ‘software’ in the fact that people use it at different levels, depending on their knowledge and experience.

But it’s a shame because when used correctly, it can be a game changer.

But who has time to learn every aspect of Google Ads?

If you’re like most people marketing online, PPC is not your only focus. Obviously running your business is the priority and it’s very time-consuming.

Even though you know that attracting new customers or leads is essential for the growth and longevity of your business, can you really afford the months of studying, trial and error and the potentially huge budget needed, to master Google Ads and push your results to higher levels?

Probably not, so you continue to settle for less than epic results and diversify into other traffic methods to make up for it.

Introducing Adzooma Pro

Adzooma was designed to tame Google Ads, no matter what level you are currently at.

For those new to PPC and online advertising such as local SME’s, Adzooma offers a done for you service including setting up campaigns and landing pages.

However, if you’re already using Google Ads and are experienced in setting up your campaigns, Adzooma Pro could be what you’re looking for to really boost your results.

It has a host of benefits for those familiar with Google Ads, including extremely useful, simple to understand yet advanced reporting, which helps you to easily spot missed opportunities and hidden profits in your campaigns.

The great thing is it offers a free campaign health check, so you can see for yourself its effectiveness and why Adzooma recently became a Google Partner.

Try The FREE Adzooma Google Ads Health Check

Knowledge is power as they say and our fast but in-depth Google Ads Health Check is designed to give you the power to quickly improve the returns from your current and future campaigns.

  • Your detailed but easy to understand free report will give you an overall performance score based on a thorough analysis of your account.
  • This means that in just one minute from now you’ll know exactly how well your campaigns are actually performing across 12 separate, vital metrics, based on best practices.
  • It’s specifically designed to identify problems and opportunities you may not have been aware of, so you can quickly improve your returns, squeezing every penny from your campaigns.
  • This is not just an aimless analysis of your campaigns. Your report will give you specific actionable steps to take, to ensure you are optimising your campaigns for the absolute maximum returns.

The best thing is, it only takes 1 minute to activate this return boosting power, so no time wasting or major interruptions to your busy schedule.

If you really want to squeeze every last penny of profit from your campaigns, Adzooma can help as it’s exactly what it was designed to do.

You can test the water with our FREE Google Ads Health Check right now, by clicking here.

Author: Phil Coleman | Adzooma

Phil Coleman is a Copywriter at Adzooma and has worked in marketing for almost 25 years, with the last 10 years focused primarily online. With a focus on classic, proven copywriting and conversion tactics, his enthusiasm is reflected in his desire to help businesses improve their results via his valuable posts and the help he brings to Adzooma clients.


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