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Automatically Created Assets in Google Ads gets generative AI

Automatically Created Assets Google Ads Update
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Artificial Intelligence was in everything Google shared with us at Google Marketing Live 2023. This also included an update to Automatically Created Assets which will now see it become more powerful for query matching alongside generative AI. So what’s updated and what does this mean for you?

What was the update to Automatically Created Assets at GML23?

Later this year, Google will be adding generative AI to automatically created assets in Search and Performance Max campaigns

This will allow you to generate new headlines and descriptions that are more relevant to user search queries. For example, if a user searches for “skin care for dry sensitive skin”, your ad could show an original, AI-generated headline like “Soothe Your Dry, Sensitive Skin”.

Google Automatically Created Assets GML23
Credit: Google Marketing Live 2023

Context of a query will be a factor in Automatically Created Assets

To date, signals such as landing page, your existing assets, and other keywords in your ad group were all used to make sure that the assets generated were relevant in your responsive search ads. Today, Google has announced that it’s AI can also pull in Automatically Created Assets based on the context of the search query itself. This makes it a much more powerful format to use, and is largely down to the advancements of the adoption of Large Language Models (LLMs) we have seen for more sophisticated query matching. 

Overall, in Google’s opinion, this will help you improve your ad relevance and keep your assets fresh.

What does this mean for you?

Remember, Ad Strength will soon factor into your Automatically Created Assets

It means that over time you are likely to start to see your Ad Strength decrease if you are not adopting Atomically Created Assets. We could get to a point where your ads are just not achieving an ad relevance high enough for Google Ads to score you well, which means that you could be paying more for a click than you need to. 

Will we be saying goodbye to Dynamic Search Ads at some point?

Yes. As a result of these developments, I do believe that DSAs will eventually die out in Google Ads. I’m finding it harder to understand where it fits with all these advancements. Even though there are arguably use cases for retail, automative and travel advertisers in particular for DSA, these updates indicate a different direction for AI-powered search campaigns which DSA’s just can’t compete with (or are duplicative). You can find more on this in our previous posts.

There are times where Automatically Created Assets are not appropriate to use

For example, if you are an advertiser that has to abide by very strict creative guidelines, or if you need approvals at multiple levels of your business, this solution probably isn’t for you. But you should work to try to streamline those processes so that your performance isn’t being affected by your business organisation and processes. 

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