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Gallery Ads beta in Google Ads now available in 11 languages

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At Google Marketing Live 2019, Google announced that they would be testing a new ad format called Gallery Ads. Gallery Ads in Google Ads combine the intent of search, with a more interactive visual ad format. It allows you to show compelling visuals with text ads. With Gallery Ads you can have 4-8 images, 70 characters under each image and up to 3 headlines to test different call to actions. Google say that initial testing has seen a +25% increase in interactions (paid clicks or swipes). Today, Gallery Ads has rolled out in beta to more advertisers.

What’s the update to Gallery Ads in Google Ads?

A select number of advertisers have been trialling this new ad format for a while now, but today Google Ads have officially announced that the ad format is rolling out to more advertisers in beta. The Gallery Ads beta will be available in 11 languages; English, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Polish.

What does this mean for you?

This continues a trend to make Mobile more visual

There has been a lot of updates to the Mobile search engine results pages in recent years, particularly with regards to the push to make the search results more visual. A lot has happened to Organic Search Results in this space too, with Google even pushing for Augmented Reality search results on Mobile. This ad format will now give advertisers another visual ad format to utilise.

Understand the requirements

With this ad format in beta, there will be a lot of constraints around the types of images you can use and the specifications. Be aware of this and make sure that you understand the requirements beforehand – it will save you a lot of time in the long run!

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