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Google Ads removing Accelerated Delivery from Search & Shopping

Google Ads Accelerated Delivery
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Google has announced that it will be removing Accelerated Delivery from Search & Shopping campaigns, in favour of an improved Standard Delivery method. Starting 17th September 2019, this improved Standard Delivery will be the only ad delivery method which means that Accelerated Delivery will no longer be available.

Why is Google removing Accelerated Delivery from Search & Shopping campaigns?

Forcing advertisers to use more if it’s Machine Learning

Over the years, Google Ads has continued to remove options for advertisers to deliver ads (on their terms) on the search engine. The focus has increasingly been on giving some of this control to Google Ads in return for driving advertisers better results, and users more relevant ads. We are being forced to rely on more of Google’s machine learning to make decisions whether we like it or not.

It removes bad practice and makes you work harder to get your ads in front of the right people

As we know, those that win in Search are now more focused on better understanding user context & intent. This change now forces more advertisers to adopt more Google Ads Auction Time Bidding and Machine Learning to help take decisions on these signals, at the right time, to achieve your objectives. The frequency, or how your ad is delivered throughout the day is less important. It’s more about being there when it matters the most for the user and your objectives. By using Google’s technology, it now believes it can do this better than you.

This change also removes bad practice, which was sometimes as a result of the Accelerated Delivery option. For example, you could have your campaigns run out of budget too early in the day using Accelerated Delivery. “Spammy” advertisers who want to muscle their way into auctions and steal share from those doing PPC properly also cause stinks by using Accelerated Delivery too.

What do you need to do?

Google is automatically switching Accelerated campaigns to Standard

For those that forget to make the switch before the 17th September 2019, Google is automatically moving any Accelerated delivery settings to Standard delivery. This will be done by the 1st October 2019. Accelerated delivery will still be available for Display and Video campaigns though.

Revise your Ad Scheduling if you need to have control over when your ad is delivered

Google recommends building some Ad Scheduling to manage how your ads are delivered throughout the day. You can use this to increase/decrease bids throughout the day so you still have an element of control.

Test one of the Google Ads bidding strategies

Google Ads recommends that if you are looking to maximise the opportunity available (which Accelerated Delivery essentially did before), then it says you should look at ‘Maximise conversion value’, ‘Maximise conversions’ and ‘Maximise clicks’. We recommend doing this with Drafts & Experiments if you need to test this as an option.

Amend your Brand strategy

I’m guessing that you had your Brand campaigns working to an Accelerated Delivery setting to maximise the opportunity available. Now, you’ll have to make sure that you are bidding to maximise your Absolute Top Impression Share metrics to keep your ads where they are.

Ultimately, I don’t have too much of an issue with this change. I think it’s a good thing for both the user and advertisers in the long run, but can understand if some advertisers get angry about it. It’s yet another change Google Ads is making to give itself more control over your advertising spend. At what point will it end?

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