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Google is expanding Shopping Ads to additional platforms

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As you will have seen from Google Marketing Live 2019 this week, Google released a lot of new updates for Google Shopping campaigns. These included a revamped Shopping interface and Showcase Shopping Ads to name a few. Along with these updates, we saw a macro theme of Google wanting to “own” the whole conversion funnel. We saw more ad formats and releases that use machine learning and span wider across Google’s properties such as Discovery, YouTube, Display Network and Search. As a result, some advertisers have started to receive notifications about how Google are going to be expanding it’s Shopping and Showcase Ads.

What’s happening to Shopping Ads?

From the 15th July 2019, your standard Product Shopping Campaigns and Showcase Shopping Ads that are opted into search partners will automatically be opted into appearing on YouTube and Google Discover. These Shopping Ads will be reported under the Google Display Network.

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From the week commencing 17th June 2019, there will be an option for you to opt-out of “YouTube and Discover on Display Network” from the campaign network selection options.

What does this mean for you and your Shopping Ads?

  • Make a note to change your settings from the 17th June 2019.
  • You might see Impressions spike from the 15th July 2019 as your ads are placed on platforms higher up the conversion funnel.
  • If you are running campaigns in the EU and have Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) live, you’ll need to work with your partners to understand what platforms that they place the ads on your behalf.
  • Test, Test, Test. Many will be annoyed by this update, but early adopters might see strong performance numbers.

I doubt that this will drive a substantial amount of additional traffic and spend initially, but could work much better for performance further down the line for Search Partners.

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