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New features now available in Recommendations for Google Ads

Google Ads Recommendations
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The Google Ads Recommendations page, alongside the Optimisation Score, has been available to advertisers for a while now. Across the industry it definitely sparks debate. There is no doubting it’s use though as a form of health check to find any glaring errors or incremental opportunities that can help you keep on top of your account hygiene. Today, Google have made some additional improvements to its keyword recommendations, a new workflow and bulk actions.

What’s new?

Improved keyword recommendations

  • You will now only see keyword recommendations if they are projected to drive additional traffic beyond your current keyword setup.
  • Broad Match Modifiers will also now be included as recommendations.

Recommendations table view

  • New table view should make it easier to view the recommendations. It will give you:
    • Optimisation Opportunity – sort your table by the campaigns with the largest opportunity.
    • Lists of campaigns with projected impact of opportunity.
    • Download the table view into Excel

Bulk apply and dismiss

  • You can now bulk apply or dismiss changes in the recommendations tab instead of having to manually apply each recommendation to individual scenarios. You can do this at MCC level.

What does this mean for you?

In Google’s eyes, these changes should make it easier for you to take action

Google are continuing to invest into the Recommendations tab and we expect this will continue as we go into the new year. The new Google Ads interface was completely redesigned to help make it “easier” for advertisers to take action directly in the interface. In Google’s opinion, it’s making the interface more helpful for advertisers. I agree with some of this to a poiny, but there is no denying that a lot of the recommendations (in fact all of them) are focused on driving additional traffic which means more revenue for Google. It would be nice to see more recommendations about how to make your campaigns more efficient i.e. drive more for less cost. But ah well.

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