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What can we expect to see at Google Marketing Live 2019?

Google Marketing Live 2019
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Last year’s Google Marketing Live was focused on Ad Innovations, Platforms and AI. This year, we can probably expect to see something similar, with a focus on how their products can drive Valuable, Transparent and Trustworthy advertising.

Looking at the agenda, the theme is around demonstrating how the newest ad innovations can help meet heightened consumer expectations; being there, being useful and being responsible. 

Google Marketing Live 2019 Innovations Keynote will kick-off the event

Looking at the speakers, this will touch on Apps, Video, Shopping, Google Ads bidding solutions and integrations.

This is where we will get the highlights of any updates to Google’s Ad products

Google will attempt to show how it can help advertisers meet the growing expectations of customers to be hyper relevant, and ultimately deliver us better results.

With this in mind, Google looks to be tackling the issue of ‘Trust’ in its products head-on by giving time to Chetna Bindra (Senior Product Manager, User Trust and Privacy)

I expect this to cover issues it has faced this year and the steps it has taken to try to eliminate concerns. I wonder if this will also be an attempt to get advertisers on its side to trust its machine learning and AI capabilities further to increase adoption.

We should also get a better understanding of where Google Search will be going in the future

With a heavy focus on how Google can be assistive to advertisers to get their products in-front of their most relevant customers.

Being There: Ad Innovations to surface solutions to deliver more relevant ads

New ad formats and more assistive ads will be the theme throughout. Google will demonstrate how we can utilise its products to better target users with relevant ads based on context & intent.

PPC hubbub - LightbulbThis is where I believe it gets super exciting this year. With it being apart of the keynote, be ready for some exciting updates & developments. There will be a focus on giving more control to Google over how & when your ads are served in an attempt to drive you better results.

Google Shopping continues to be a focus for Google to compete with the likes of Amazon. Google recognises this, and understands that retailers and brand manufacturers face a competitive market and changing ecosystem. We’ll learn more about the solutions Google are building to help you build relationships with consumers and how we can offer end-to-end shopping experiences across the customer journey.

PPC hubbub - LightbulbWe will probably see some cool ad formats and the innovations they have taken this year to drive better results for Google Shopping across the consumer journey. Maybe we will see how the Google Assistant can surface more Shopping Ads too. 

Being Useful: Platforms & AI will show how Google can be more useful and assistive

Big focus for the event this year. Last year the theme was focused on Intent, Data and Machine Learning, and this year is set to be building further on this.

How we can use AI to anticipate what people want to help incorporate this into bidding decisions to drive better performance?

Intent is everywhere and with AI and Google’s platforms we now have the ability to use real-time signals to anticipate what consumers want and therefore be more relevant.

We need to be more helpful in the moments that matter for everyone.

PPC hubbub - LightbulbThe roadmap looks set to demonstrate how AI can help better understand & target user context & intent with relevant ads. This will be about leveraging all of the signals that Google is able to gather, and mixing this in with its platforms to drive better results in every single auction.

There will be a focus here on how Google can help you organize your data so you can reach people with the right message at the right moment. They recognise that this can be a challenge for advertisers, so this will be a top priority for them to continue working on. We will see how pairing your objectives with Google’s unique understanding of intent to help you anticipate customer needs and target them better.

How can we use technology to better organise and understand data? Here Google will show us how they have built solutions to give us actionable insight, in real time. Data + Machine Learning + Technology = Innovation; put simply, without the right platforms you aren’t innovating. Google will try to show us how using their platforms can drive your business forward.

Being Responsible: Trust will focus on responsibility Google has for its users and being more transparent with advertisers

Trust will be a big part of the Google Marketing Live agenda. Google will want advertisers and users to feel as though they can trust their products and services. Over the past year, Google has been subject to fines and court appearances over how it surfaces results to users. It will use this event to help better convince the audience that you can trust them to have the user at the heart of everything that it does.

PPC hubbub - LightbulbPerhaps we will see some additional controls for users and advertisers to be introduced here too. Google will need to focus on how it can make its products more transparent in an effort to get the audience back on its side.

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