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What to expect at Google Marketing Live 2023

Google Marketing Live 2023
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Google Marketing Live is an annual event where Google showcases its latest advertising products and updates. You can expect to learn about new ad formats, products, and trends in digital marketing. This event is a great opportunity for search marketers of all levels to stay ahead of the curve and learn about the latest tools and technologies. So what could we see at Google Marketing Live 2023?

Where can you watch Google Marketing Live 2023?

Register ahead of May 23rd 2023 to get access to the keynote. You can do that here. You will get a roundup of all the announcements on the website and also through The Keyword and Google Ads Announcements, to name a few.

What do you get from the Google Marketing Live keynote?

The keynote at Google Marketing Live is where you’ll get a summary of all the latest updates. Generally, you can expect to see updates in the following:
  • New ad formats and products: Google is constantly innovating in the advertising space, and we can expect to see some new ad formats and products announced at GML 2023. These could include new ways to target ads, new ways to measure the effectiveness of ads, or new ways to create engaging ad experiences.
  • Updates to existing ad products: Google will also likely announce updates to its existing ad products at GML 2023. These could include improvements to the targeting and measurement capabilities of existing ad formats, or new features that make it easier to create and manage ad campaigns.
  • Trends in digital marketing: Google will also share insights into the latest trends in digital marketing at GML 2023. This could include information on how consumers are using different devices and platforms, how they are searching for information, and how they are making purchasing decisions.
  • Best practices for using Google’s advertising products: Google will also share best practices for using its advertising products at GML 2023. This could include tips on how to create effective ad campaigns, how to optimize your campaigns for different devices and platforms, and how to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Insights from industry experts: Google will also bring in industry experts to share their insights at GML 2023. These experts could talk about the latest trends in digital marketing, the future of advertising, and how businesses can use technology to reach their target audiences.

What can you expect to see at Google Marketing Live 2023?

Your ads, powered by AI

Throughout every announcement, you will no doubt hear how AI is helping you to drive growth and better performance from your ad spend. With such pressure on Google to get this right, this topic will be in every announcement.

A huge focus on Performance Max

We’ve already had a load of new features added to Performance Max this year, and we will see some more added at Google Marketing Live. You will also see how Google is positioning Performance Max and Search as the perfect pairing for performance. Could we also see how Google is looking to position Performance Max in the future?

Search Generative Experience (SGE)

They will no doubt cover the latest updates from Google I/O. More specifically, they will show how ads continue to play a vital part of this search experience; with perhaps some sneak peaks into how this looks. 

How AI will be helping advertisers to generate assets

Announced this year, Google will show how AI can help advertisers create assets in Search. Will we also see the future of how this could be applied in Image and Video assets too? Probably not quite yet, but we’ll certainly see how this is applied in Text formats.

Will we be saying ‘Goodbye’ to some existing formats?

It’s been some time, but could we be seeing the end of certain ad types or formats? I’ve previously shared my views on the likelihood of Dynamic Search Ads gradually fading away, potentially superseded by a blend of Broad Match and Automatically Generated Assets, or an increased adoption of Performance Max. We have seen less and less from Google about DSAs in recent months, so it seems an obvious one to get rid of, despite how ingrained it still may be in your search strategy today. 

Privacy-first solutions

Google Analytics 4, recent updates to attribution models, and a continued focus on demonstrating how Google are flying the flag for privacy will also feature throughout.

The details of what exactly we’ll see is always a bit of an unknown. But what is certain is that this set to be one of the most exciting Google Marketing Live events in years given recent developments. Make sure you are there!

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