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10 Minute Google Adwords Health Check

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Frustrated by how time consuming it is to drive the best performance from your Paid Search campaigns? Confused about where to start looking to help drive efficiencies? Flabbergasted by the amount hubbub around “Best Practice” guides that Google and the likes churn out for every aspect of your account?

Fear no more!

We show you how you can really make a difference to your account performance by finding wasted spend in your Adwords account in 10 minutes.

Before you start checking your Adwords health…

  • Don’t audit an account after you have made lots of changes.
  • Make sure you know your KPI’s and that you are tracking conversions.
  • Don’t use the past 30 days, you need at least 90 days (if not a year).

The fundamentals of the 10 minute Adwords Health Check…

Campaign Settings

  • Location – don’t use Google recommended location settings
  • Check your Ad Rotation settings

Search Partner Performance

  • Don’t just leave it enabled, segment & check the data and determine whether they work for you

Keywords Analysis

  • Use Keyword Impression Share
  • Ensure that your winning keywords have enough budget

Ad Group Organisation

  • Ignore Google’s default advice
  • Split out larger ad groups
  • Ensure that you tighten up your ad groups

Testing Ad Copy & Optimising accordingly

  • Ensure that you test regularly
  • Use the really simple calculation in the video to find your top performing Ads

Ad Extension Usage

  • Add them to all of your campaigns
  • Ensure that they are tailored to your Ad Groups to give your CTR a boost

Mobile Performance

  • Don’t leave your Mobile settings the same as Desktop & Tablet.
  • Check your performance across each device and adjust bids up/down accordingly.
  • Remember, you can now set any device as your ‘Base Bid’ and then use the adjustments accordingly off this.


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