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New AdWords Interface | Old interface will be switched off by year-end

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So the time has finally arrived, by the end of 2018 the old AdWords interface will be phased out and will be permanently replaced by the new Adwords interface. It’s been tested for a couple of years now and Google obviously feel comfortable enough to start phasing out the old one completely.

The new AdWords interface provides a much slicker experience, as well as providing actionable insight for advertisers to drive business results. But why isn’t everyone happy about moving over to the new AdWords interface? We’ll explore all of this, as well as leave you with some actionable insight to takeaway with you.

Switching to the new AdWords interface

For the past couple of years, Google have given advertisers the option to switch between the old and the new AdWords interface. They’ve done this for multiple reasons;

  • People feel uncomfortable with change. Giving people the choice can help ease the pain of change.
  • It’s a huge update, so they’ve needed to take their time with it to make sure they get it right.
  • They’ve been open to feedback from users every step of the way. Digesting this and then making changes takes time, but ultimately means they get it right.
  • Not all of the features from the old have been available in the new. Now most of this has been resolved.

By the end of the year, advertisers will no longer have access to the old AdWords experience. It’s important to note here that Google will not be migrating to the new Adwords interface during the busy months of November and December. It means that the most likely date will be around October time.

Don’t worry, you will be notified beforehand

Google has recommended updating your contact information to ensure that you are properly notified of the changes when its time.

Google will try and make the transition as smooth as possible for you

To help with this, Google will start moving your reports, filters and automated rules into the new experience. In the meantime, they recommend that you continue getting used to the new AdWords interface and take the guided tours.

Whether you’ve noticed or not, Google has been forcing us into this new interface over the past year or so

New Betas have only available in the new AdWords interface

For example, In-Market Audiences are only able to those users in the new AdWords. Every beta over the past year or so have only been available here in an effort to force us to utilise it’s power.

Put simply, if you are failing to use the new AdWords interface, you are failing to innovate your accounts. You will be left behind. Having any new beta exclusively available in the new experience confirms this.

New Keyword Planner

The new keyword planner is super powerful, and again is only available in the new in experience. You can now get more insightful forecasting metrics from search volumes by device to location dependent on your keyword ideas. All of this is available in the one dashboard instead of having to flick between multiple tabs.

Credit: Google Inside Adwords, 2018

What do you need to do?

I know change is painful. But trust me, start using the interface and you’ll thank me later

I’m with you on this. I understand why you may be reluctant to change to the new interface. We’ve been so used to the old way of working that we feel as though its quicker to just stick to this old experience to get things done. It does take a while to get used to the different tabs, the different names for tabs (for example, ‘Dimensions’ are now known as ‘Predefined Reports’), and the new look.

PPC hubbub - LightbulbTop Tip

Use the Quick Reference map and download the PDF so you’ll never get lost in the new experience. I use it often to cross reference with the old interface.

I’ve forced myself over the past few months to only use the new Adwords interface, and now that I’ve done this I actually find the old experience to be a pile of poop. As a manager of teams, I’ve found the new ‘Recommendations’ tab in particular really useful to help me identify opportunities within my agency’s client lists.

Still not enjoying the new Adwords interface? Stop moaning, start feeding back

It’s in everyone’s interests to make this experience as useful as possible. If you feel as though something is missing, then why don’t you feed this back to Google here.

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