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Google Marketing Live 2018 | The Highlights

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Key theme of the event this year was on making sure Google does all it can to help advertisers drive Valuable, Transparent, and Trustworthy advertising. They explored the many ways we can do that, as well as stressing the importance of having relevant, useful and unique ads for users. All of this was tied together through Google’s Machine Learning capabilities and innovations that were demonstrated.

What did we see at Google Marketing Live 2018?

Before the event, we posted about what we could expect to see this year by taking a deeper look into the agenda. To be honest, I was a little disappointed by the content of the event this year; I found it a little underwhelming. I remember leaving Google Marketing Next 2017 feeling super excited about the latest innovations and features, and I kinda felt this year we’d already seen and heard a lot about the innovations before the event. There wasn’t anything terribly exciting.

With that being said, the predictions we made in our last post on the Google Marketing Live event weren’t far off what was announced.

Ad Innovations

We did see some ad innovations, but nothing specifically for the Google Assistant. This section of the event was more focused on how Google can assist advertisers through the use of technology and machine learning. We did see some big innovations to Google Shopping and the Merchant Centre through Automated Feeds.

Machine Learning

As expected, this was a theme throughout. There was lots of focus on how Google can help advertisers understand ‘intent’ better to help drive better results through a more relevant ad experience to users.


This was a big focus given the recent announcements on the changes to AdWords and DoubleClick and arguably where they have made the biggest advancements.

Key Highlights

A focus on driving better results

Google showed how we can use their latest innovations to deliver the most valuable ad to each consumer based on their individual needs

  • Performance on YouTube (TrueView for Reach, TrueView for Action, Maximise Lift Bidding): Enhancements to get the most out of video while driving concrete measurable results.
  • Responsive Search Ads: Simplify the ad creation and testing process, powered by Google’s machine learning. Mix and match headlines/descriptions to find the best possible result. iProspect has been testing these ads and seen CTR and CPC improvements upwards of 15-20%.
  • Landing Page Speed Score: New column in Google Ads, featuring mobile page speed score on a 10-point scale. Designed to identify landing pages that are inhibiting the user experience.
  • Cross Device Reporting & Remarketing in Google Analytics: Consolidated, comprehensive view of consumer behaviour on your site, no matter the device they’re using.

A need to create simpler experiences

Make it easier, especially for small business owners.

  • Smart Campaigns:  Allows a tailored, simple approach for small business owners.
  • Automated Feeds for Shopping Ads: Crawls website to gather relevant details and build a feed based on online inventory.
  • Smart Shopping Campaigns: Expand Shopping ad experience across Google ad properties. Introducing integration with leading eCommerce platforms (Shopify) and new business goals (store visits and customer acquisition).
  • Local Campaigns: New campaign type to promote local business across Google’s network and properties, focused on achieving offline business objectives.
  • Hotel Campaigns: Shifting Hotel Ads experience into Google Ads. Now able to utilise the smart bidding technology from Google Ads on Hotel Campaigns.

Building platforms for stronger collaboration

Updated platform solutions to enable more collaboration across enterprise marketing teams, stemming from the new Google Marketing Platform. Ultimately, it becomes a complete set of tools that work together to plan, buy, measure and optimize media, rolling out in the next few weeks.

  • Search Ads 360: The new DoubleClick search.
  • Display & Video 360: Brings together features from DoubleClick bid Manager, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, etc for a complete Video and Display advertising solution. Instant reporting now available for custom reports directly in the UI.
  • Integration Centre: Make it easier to connect products and share insights. Connecting Analytics 360 with Display & Video 360 (use Analytics audiences cross-channel). Advertisers select their own measurement partners on verification, viewability and reach.
  • Google Measurement Partners: Brings together 23 new and existing partnerships across critical areas, like viewability, brand lift, and brand safety. All partners must meet rigorous standards.

Keep your eyes peeled on our points of view on each of these key areas over the next few weeks!

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