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Similar Looks from Google Shopping appear when you click back

PPC hubbub - Similar Looks on Google Shopping
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Google Shopping now displays Similar Looks to users in the Google search results pages. It displays similar items to the item you recently viewed. You can only see them when you click on the Google Shopping ad, visit the website, and then click to go back onto Google on Mobile.

What are Similar Looks on Google Shopping and why are Google now displaying them in the Search Results Pages as well? We’ll explore everything you need to know and leave you with some actions to carry out on your own campaigns.

What are Similar Looks on Google Shopping?

We recently discussed with Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable the latest feature that looks to be appearing on Google Shopping via Twitter.

We’re both in agreement that we don’t think that this is a new feature, but not much can be found online about it. So here we go!

PPC hubbub - Google Shopping Similar Looks

Search for a product via Google


PPC hubbub - Google Shopping Similar Looks

Click on a product and visit the website. Finally, click back onto Google, and voila!

There is a similar feature in ‘Image Search’ that’s been available for a while for those in SEO and those in Paid Search who opt into Search Partners via their Shopping Campaigns.

You’ll also see the Similar Looks when you go to the ‘Shopping’ tab and click onto a product. If you scroll down on this page, you’ll then see a similar screenshot to the below.

PPC hubbub - Similar Looks Google Shopping

The above has been available or a while, but the difference is with the expansion of the Ad format on the Google Search Results Pages when you click back from the website on Mobile. The feature certainly hasn’t been spoken about much online.

Why are Google using Similar Looks for Google Shopping?

Let’s understand the user. Clicking back shows that they are in-market, but comparison shopping

They are comparison shopping. Google is displaying a user with more options because it understands the moment they are in.

The user is clearly unsatisfied with the product/price on the website, but is interested in the product (or similar products). So they decide to come back to Google to find more options. Google then displays the Similar Looks results underneath the original Google Shopping Listings.

It’s a great way to keep users shopping on Google

If Google gives a user more options to find the product they want, it’s a win for everyone. In the short term it’s a win for Google as it means more revenue from Google Shopping, and for the user they feel more satisfied with the information they have received. For advertisers though, it means that they may be paying for ad clicks that don’t convert; but this is where your Audience and Remarketing strategy should come into play.

Helps plug the gap in those not using the ‘Shopping’ tab

Google have never officially released numbers as to how many users actually use the ‘Shopping’ view. There have been concerted efforts over the years to force more traffic into that platform, but inevitably users are more comfortable on the usual Search Results Pages.

This is a smart move to help give users some of the benefits that the Shopping User Interface can give.

PPC hubbub - Similar Looks Google Shopping

Google Shopping Tab

Looks a lot like Amazon eh?

At the end of product pages on Amazon you’ll get a Similar Looks features or Sponsored Related Products:

PPC hubbub - Similar Items Google Shopping

Sponsored Products related to this item and What do customers buy after viewing this item?

PPC hubbub - Similar Items Google Shopping

Customer who viewed this also viewed

Again, the intention here by Amazon is to also keep the user on it’s platform. If we flood the user with relevant products and information, there’s no need to ever leave it to shop elsewhere.

What do you need to do?

Ensure you have a good Remarketing Strategy

You can use Audiences on Google Shopping to show your Shopping ads to users who have previously visited your website as they search for products like yours on Google.

This will ensure that you are retargeting your products to those who have already visited your site. It enables you to be at the forefront of their minds and the competition when users are comparison shopping.

Make sure your feed is optimised and you follow best practice

Here are some of the key points to ensure that your feed is working as it should be. Remember, your campaign’s success in Google Shopping is largely determined by the quality of your Merchant Centre feed.

There are also some great tutorials available on YouTube. Enjoy!

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