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Segment Store Visits by New vs Returning in Google Ads

Store Visits Segment by New vs Returning Google Ads
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Google Ads have launched a new segmentation feature for Store Visit reporting which will now allow you to see new versus returning store visitors. You can see this by adding the column for Store Visit conversion and then segmenting this by new vs returning (there is a quick way to do this in the Conversion drop down).

What does this mean for you?

This insight can prove invaluable to advertisers using Store Visit conversions. By understanding which campaigns are driving the most new/repeat store visits you can therefore make better decisions about where your budget is spent.

You can report on returning users within a conversion window of 180 days, 90 days, 60 days, 30 days (and custom between 1 and 180 days). 

What do you need to do?

Understand the data and make data driven decisions

Let’s face it, your Brand is going to drive the most repeat customers with your Generic/Competitor keywords probably driving the most new store visits. What this could allow you to do though is help further justify the true value for your Generic activity beyond just the last click conversion. If you can prove that Generics drive incremental footfall to your stores, then that’s a powerful metric for any business looking to grow. 

Change up your messaging

Now that you have a better understanding over which campaigns/keywords drive the most new visitors, maybe have some ad copy that promotes an offer for new customers.

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