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Microsoft Ads Copilot is expanding to more advertisers

Microsoft Ads Copilot is expanding to more advertisers
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It has been reported by Search Engine Land that Microsoft Advertising is expanding its trial of Copilot to more advertisers. It’s doing this so that it can continue to collect data, experiment and optimise its offering before it becomes more widely available. So what is Microsoft Ads Copilot and what does this mean for you?

What is Microsoft Ads Copilot?

Microsoft Ads Copilot is your AI assistant, ready to answer your questions about features, products, and best practices. Think of it as a combination of ChatGPT and DALL-E directly integrated into Microsoft Ads. Google have their own version with Gemini in Google Ads. 

Copilot uses natural language processing to understand your questions and provide relevant information. It can also point you to helpful articles and resources within the Microsoft Advertising platform, saving you time and effort. In addition, it can create recommendations for your campaigns and assets.

Thomas Eccel posted the update on X when he spotted it out in the wild. 

You can find some FAQ’s here from Microsoft.

What does the expansion of Microsoft Ads Copilot mean for you?

As with any Generative AI, be careful of the output

While it’s always learning and improving, Copilot’s answers may sometimes be inaccurate or incomplete. The provided links might not always be on point either. Remember, Copilot is focused on Microsoft Advertising. Its answers may not consider the bigger picture or include all the details, and there’s a chance of encountering inaccuracies.

It doesn't replace common sense. You still need to think for yourself

I’m sure that Copilot will expand into more areas of Microsoft Ads, such as to help provide insights into performance. We have seen a glimpse of this this week with Microsoft announcing ‘Insights Navigator’. The aim of this is to provide actionable insight, not just narrative, as to what is happening in your account. You can see this eventually being the place for Microsoft Ads Copilot. Despite this bringing obvious benefits, it should not replace your common sense. Relying too heavily on this has the risk of reducing your ability for critical thinking. You need to still make time to dissect your account and understand what is really happening. 

What do you need to do?

Experiment with it!

If you are lucky enough to see it in your accounts, have a go with it! It doesn’t hurt to put in place a small test to see how it can work for you and your account management. Again, be cautious of the output and only apply when it makes sense to. For the most part, it should be a useful tool to give you inspiration when you’ve hit a blocker!

Help improve the accuracy of Copilot

By letting Copilot know if its answers were helpful (thumbs up!) or not helpful (thumbs down!), you’ll be shaping Copilot’s development and making it a more valuable tool for everyone. Be sure to let it know when it has or hasn’t worked well for you. 

It’s encouraging to see Microsoft Ads Copilot expand to more advertisers. While Copilot is a valuable AI assistant for your Microsoft Advertising journey, remember it’s still under development. For complex questions or critical decisions, consult the official documentation or reach out to a human expert. Think of Copilot as a helpful teammate – use it to your advantage, but don’t rely on it solely.

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