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Microsoft Advertising has a new interface

Microsoft Advertising interface
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Microsoft Advertising has launched a preview of a new interface design which is aimed at helping advertisers achieve more with it’s products. Over the years Microsoft has been making tweeks and improvements to the way it helps advertisers get the most from it’s offerings, but it’s refreshing to see that it has now finally decided to overhaul the interface to help streamline it’s use for advertisers.

So what’s changed?

Microsoft have said that the main aim of these changes are to help advertisers to easily and intuitively manage campaigns and ads. When you look at the previews of the new interface, you’ll recognise similarities with Google Ads which should go a long way to streamlining the process of dipping in and out of each of the platforms and ensuring parity between the two.

Microsoft Advertising - Overview Page

New overview page. Credit: Microsoft Advertising, 2019

Some of the main changes that were highlighted are:

  • New “global” menu bar at the top of the page.
    • This has everything from ad preview, shared library, conversion tracking and more.
    • This also has a search function so you can easily navigate to where you want to go.
  • Main Menu on the left has been amended.
    • Gives you easy access to campaigns, ad groups, campaign types etc.
  • A new design following ‘Microsoft Fluent’
    • It’s much slicker and fairly similar to what you will be used to in Google Ads.
Microsoft Advertising Menu Bar

Credit: Microsoft Advertising Blog, 2019

These are the main previews that Microsoft Advertising shared with us, and I’m sure they will be much more to come in the next few months.

In the short-term, Microsoft have made some amendments to the previous Microsoft Advertising interface:

  • Streamlined ‘Accounts’ view
    • Which means that we say goodbye to ‘Accounts & Billing’ as this is now all housed under the new ‘Accounts’ hub.
    • This is currently available to some advertisers in the previous experience and will be coming to the new redesign soon.

What does this mean for you?

Mirroring Google Ads should make it easier

The fact that there are clear parallels with Google Ads should make it easier for advertisers to navigate around Microsoft Advertising and get the most from their campaigns. With search becoming so complicated, having a simplified and helpful interface is very much welcomed.

Microsoft have been open about this fact, saying “…the redesigned Microsoft Advertising feels familiar to other Microsoft products as well as other advertising platforms”. For advertisers, this should help make things easier to navigate between platforms which means that Microsoft will no doubt see some improvements in ‘parity’ between Google Ads and Microsoft Ads in particular.

For those advertisers that are looking to be a part of the beta, you can express interest here

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