The hubbub this week:

  1. Google Adwords IF Functions For Ad Customisation
  2. Bing Ads Rolling Out Audience List Exclusions
  3. Adwords Interface Rolling Out To More Advertisers
  4. Adwords Converted Clicks to Sunset in March
  5. Google Showing Multiple Ad Extensions on Mobile Carousel

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1. Google Adwords IF Functions For Ad Customisation

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IF Functions are now available for advertisers to help customise their ads based on device and retargeting lists.

According to Google…

IF functions allow you to insert a specific message in your text ad when a condition has been met, and a default text when it has not. This makes your ads tailored to each search and more relevant to potential customers.

Unlike ad customisers, IF functions do not use a feed.

What does this mean?

It allows you to do 2 things without the need to duplicate ad groups or campaigns;

  1. Tailor Ad Copy towards a specific Device
  2. Tailor Ad Copy towards a specific Audience

It’s Ad Customisers on steroids!

Easier than ever to drive relevancy

No excuses in creating hyper-relevant ad copy for users.

Understanding the moment to which the user is in is crucial to seeing an improved performance; are they on Mobile, a returning customer, a basket abandoner? Adwords IF Functions now remove the labour intensive workload in creating specific messaging for all of these users.

Strengthen your Expanded Text Ads

Not only do you have more character limit with Expanded Text Ads, but your ETA’s now allow you to have more room than ever to drive more relevant ad copy.

On top of this, you now have Adwords IF Functions to help you get the most out of this new character limit.

Top Tip – Test, Test, Test

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Test, Test again, and Test some more. We’ve provided you a guide to use here. You’re welcome.