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PPC hubbub – 1 Year On

PPC hubbub - Happy Birthday - 1 Year On
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Yup, you’ve guessed it! It’s been 1 year since we launched PPC hubbub. Happy Birthday to us and what a year it’s been for PPC hubbub!

We’ve been read by thousands in over 80 countries, featured by key influencers across the web (including Econsultancy), published multiple authors (with more on the way), and have recently received the most visitors to site for a single post.

Each month, our traffic is growing by +40% and shares of posts have increased by +400% over the past 3 months.

Thank you so much!

Why do we exist?

It’s simple, we want to turn hubbub into actionable insight and remove the bull.

When we set out on this journey the aim was to take the gibberish in Paid Search blogs and make it useful.

We attempt to dissect everything from the latest updates, to understanding what the future holds through the language used in Google’s Inside Adwords posts.

By answering key questions such as ‘What does this actually mean?’ and ‘What can I do?’, we aim to cut through the noise and give you the actionable insight you need.

Defining “hubbub”

With the myriad of different sites regurgitating the latest news & update without any thought or insight, you’ve got to question their true value for readers. Yes they have a purpose, but every update in the industry can have an effect on advertisers and therefore their results. They deserve more attention and discussion.

We’re conscious of being sucked into the game; inadvertently adding to the hubbub instead of tackling it. This is front of mind in everything we post.

So how do you tackle it?

We aim to replace the vanity in being the ‘first to spread the news’ and instead we breathe…let the hubbub play out…think about it…and shed some light only when it’s useful.

This means less posts, but more valuable content.

What do we have planned for the future?

Continuous Improvement to the site

As always, we are constantly looking at ways to make the site more useful to our followers. Hopefully you’ll have noticed some differences over the past few months.

Spread the word

We are looking to start joining conferences to help spread the word. Of course, we also rely on you to help us fight the hubbub. Please keep engaging, liking and sharing!


We are looking to continue developing the site to be more of a collaborative hub of discussion and debate. As a result we have added Disqus to help spark engagement. Give it a go!

Keep it independent

As the site has become more popular, we’ve been approach by many who have wanted to capitalise on it’s traffic. To reiterate; in order to cut through the hubbub effectively, I believe that we must remain independent from any single agency or organisation. We will only provide links if they are in context and if they add value for the reader. This will continue for the foreseeable future.

Debate with Pizza & Beer

We are looking to set up events at a city near you! Like Pizza and Beer? Put this together with some chat about Paid Search and you’ve got a good night!

Diversity is key

More Authors! We are going on a recruitment drive to bring in more Authors to the site. Having more will mean that we can get more collaborative and different points of view.

Find out how to submit a blog and become an author here.

Your feedback is always welcome

Want to share your ideas about what PPC hubbub could become? We’re all ears! Any tips, ideas, or features you’d like to see then please let us know.

Contact us here.

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