BlogMoreUpdatesWe’re back! Sorry we haven’t posted in a while…

We’re back! Sorry we haven’t posted in a while…

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We hope that all of our readers are safe & sound and we thank you for keeping in touch and for your continued visits. What a weird time this is eh! 

Look, we’ll level with you…

These past few weeks have been crazy for everyone, so much change within your work and personal lives. As you know, COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across the planet. With this, we’ve seen the continued rise in fake news, panic, and hubbub as people look to search for the right answers. We thought it was important for people to focus their time doing what’s best for them; to cut through the crap and find the facts.

We all love Search, and PPC hubbub can at least give our readers some distraction from the day to day. That being said, we felt as though there were more important issues than PPC & SEM people needed to sort out over the past few weeks. So we took a little break!

Now, we’re back. You can expect to see us post more regularly again. Over the next few weeks Search Engines will look to restart their machine’s and continue to roll out innovations. We’ll be doing the same.

Don’t worry, we’re ready to cut through the PPC hubbub again and give you actionable insight you need.

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