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Best of 2017: PPC hubbub Top Posts

PPC hubbub - Best of 2017
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With just a few days left of 2017, we thought we’d share with you the Top 5 posts this year through PPC hubbub.

We’ve grown substantially this year and it’s all thanks to you. Thank you for continuing to like, share, comment, and fight through the hubbub we have to endure in the PPC industry. We’ve got big plans for 2018 and we’re excited to have you a part of it. Here’s to 2018!

#1 In-Market Audiences for Google Search Campaigns

PPC hubbub - In-Market Audiences for Search

Dan Roberts, June 10th 

We heard at this year’s Google Marketing Next that Google were looking to release In-Market Audiences for Search campaigns. We dissected what this new product was, as well as understanding what this meant for you.

View the post here.

#2 Google Marketing Next 2017 – The Highlights

PPC hubbub - Google Marketing Next 2017

Dan Roberts, May 23rd 

The year kicked off with some really exciting new products and innovations from Google. Here we explored the key themes and announcements, and ultimately what this meant for you.

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#3 Google Expanding Close Variant Matching for Exact Match

PPC hubbub ( - Google Exact Match Changes

Dan Roberts, March 19th

One of the biggest updates this year came in the form of changes to the Exact Match targeting. Google expanded close variant matching to include additional rewording and reordering for Exact Match. Initially this caused panic, and there was a lot of hubbub about what this could mean for your account set ups. We explored everything for you in this post.

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#4 Breaking Down Adwords 200% Overspend Policy & A Free Script Giveaway

PPC hubbub - Sam Lalonde - Google Daily Budget

Sam Lalonde, October 12th

Google AdWords notified advertisers that a change was happening to the way it managed budgets. The overall response from advertisers didn’t seem to be going down too well. Author Sam Lalonde breaks down what this means and leaves you with some actionable insight to use on your own accounts.

View the post here.

#5 Google Adwords IF Functions for Ads

PPC hubbub - Adwords IF Functions

Dan Roberts, February 9th

Adwords IF Functions were introduced for advertisers to help customise their ads based on device and retargeting lists. Showing the right message, to the right person, at the right time is key to success. Google helped to make this easier to achieve for advertisers this year.

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What can we expect in 2018?

PPC hubbub - The Year of the Machines & More

Overall, 2017 was the year where advertisers felt as though the control they once had over their campaigns was being taken away from them.

From Google’s point of view, they saw this as an opportunity for advertisers to adopt more AI and Machine Learning; making it easier to manage, making advertising smarter, in theory giving us better results.

We reviewed 2017 and then looked across the horizon into 2018 to tell you what we think will happen next year.

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