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Search Ads 360 launches offsite retail media campaigns in closed beta

Search Ads 360 offsite retail media campaigns closed beta
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Retail media solutions offer a win-win situation for both retailers and brands. But data privacy regulations have thrown a wrench into things, making collaboration between these two key players a challenge. Retailers are responding by building their own retail media networks. To help with this, Search Ads 360 (SA360) has developed their own solution for advertisers with a brand new closed beta: offsite retail media campaigns. 

What are Search Ads 360 offsite retail media campaigns?

The Search Ads 360 offsite retail media campaign solution allows brands that primarily sell through retail partners to leverage valuable retailer first-party data to power their advertising campaigns. This is especially important as third-party cookies become obsolete. Retailers on the other hand can benefit by developing robust retail media networks that connect brands with interested shoppers, ultimately boosting product visibility and increasing sales.

"In SA360, we’ve created a privacy-centric way for participating retailers to enable brands to use their first-party data to fuel AI-powered Performance Max campaigns. In addition, over the coming months, we’ll test features that allow for self-service campaign management for brands and expand the beta to more retailers globally."

What do Search Ads 360 offsite retail media campaigns mean for you?

For everyone, it means increased efficiency and scalability for retail media. But if you are a retailer or a brand, there will be differences:

What this means for Retailers

For retailers, you can maintain control over the shopper experience, improve brand relationships, and drive additional revenue. 

  • Boost Sales & Visibility: Partner with brands to reach targeted audiences and drive sales, all while increasing product discoverability.
  • Privacy-First Data Sharing: Share data securely with brands, complying with regulations while enabling effective marketing.
  • Scalable Media Offerings: Easily grow your media offerings to accommodate more brands and maximize revenue as your business expands.

What this means for Brands

Ultimately, you can gain greater control and transparency. 

  • Target Smarter: Leverage valuable retailer data to reach in-market consumers, significantly improving campaign reach and impact.
  • Greater Control & Transparency: Gain deeper insights and optimize spending with the ability to manage campaigns yourself within SA360 (coming soon!).

Why has Search Ads 360 launched offsite retail media campaigns in closed beta?

Google believes the future of retail media is self-service

Traditionally, retailers handled campaign management for brands. This limited scalability and transparency. SA360 is introducing self-service options, empowering brands and agencies to manage their own campaigns. 

Privacy remains a priority

Protecting shopper data is crucial. With self-service, retailers can selectively share anonymized audience data with brand partners, ensuring privacy compliance and effective ad targeting. Additionally, retailers can control:

  • Inventory Data Sharing: Brands only see what’s relevant, preventing unnecessary competition and ensuring in-stock product promotion.
  • Sales & Performance Data: Brands get insights specific to their campaigns, not the retailer’s overall performance.
  • Campaign Visibility: Retailers maintain full visibility into all campaigns.

Improved reporting & streamlined management

Brands using SA360’s self-service model will benefit from:

  • Closed-Loop Reporting: Measure campaign success at the brand, campaign, or individual product level.
  • Optimize for Profit: Directly link ad spend to sales and adjust strategies to maximize ROI.
  • Centralized Management: Manage multiple campaigns and retailers from a single location, simplifying workflows.

Gives Google a slice of the pie they didn't have

There are of course solutions already in place such as Skai. This addition to Search Ads 360 means that Google enters the market with their own solution for retailers and brands. 

As more retailers join the platform, brands will enjoy consistent campaign management and metrics across the board. SA360 is committed to expanding its retail media offerings, including support for additional campaign types and unique features. Stay tuned for exciting updates in the coming months!

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