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Future of Search: Buy on Google with Voice Search

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Google’s next frontier is conversational shopping (Voice Search), which would allow you to buy products without the click of a button.

I knew it! The recent GTIN requirement changes that Google announced, and the Mobile changes we have seen around the size of Product Listing Ads as well as the growth of Google on Mobile, is all an indication of their future plans for Google Shopping. Shopping is no doubt becoming mobile…in every sense of the word.

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Source: Google Would Like You To Buy Products Using Voice Search

The future of shopping is Voice Search

The future of shopping (according to Google) is through conversational search via smart devices.

Imagine being driven to work by your Google driverless ca. You then use using voice search in car dashboard to order everything on your shopping list for a meal in the evening (let’s say Lasagne…mmm Lasagne). You did this by voice search using Google Shopping Express to compare prices and ensure you got the best prices from multiple suppliers. Your Car has ordered your shopping for you (this could be a good opening scene for the next Terminator film).

Check the status of your delivery via your Mobile or wearable in your work meeting (day dreaming about Lasagne…mmm).When you’re coming home, you can expect your shopping to have arrived either by Google Express or via a drone (a current Google X project). The future of search is conversational in every way.

Google want to become the ultimate mobile assistant. This makes it easier to do your shopping and frees up time for more interesting things that matter; like perfecting your Lasagne recipe.

We agree with Barry Schwartz here that it may take a while for Google to get this up and running, but only because Google still needs to break down the barriers & stigma surrounding Voice Search first.

What do you need to do?

The technology is basically there to do this via Product Listing Ads at least, as well as recent ad format testing (and with its acquisition of DeepMind this AI will only continue to improve). But social attitudes to voice search is still somewhat in it’s infancy; something Google is tackling with its recent ad campaigns.

Nevertheless, isn’t it an exciting time for Google Shopping?! If you aren’t utilising these yet via your Paid Search strategy, get them set up or you risk losing out!

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