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YouTube now shows Google Text Ads in Search Results

YouTube Google Search Text Ads
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YouTube continues to expand it’s search partner offering from introducing Google Shopping ads in 2016, to location extensions in 2018 and now Google Text Ads in 2019.

What does this mean for you?

This means that if you opt into search partners in your Google Ads Search campaigns, your text ad could appear on the YouTube search results page. This will only be for when users search for keywords that are relevant to what you are targeting and this will only be on Mobile for now.

What should you do?

Monitor Search Partner Impressions

You might start to see that your Search Partner impressions start to increase significantly depending on which kind of keywords you are targeting and dependent on your business vertical. For example, retail might get a higher number of Impressions on YouTube compared to Financial Services due to the higher number of searches & content aimed towards retail type keywords in YouTube.

There is differing opinion on the value of Search Partners. For most, they might tend to see a high number of impressions with little to no clicks. Google have said that they have been testing with this on YouTube for a while now and have seen positive results. Potentially the addition of YouTube for Google Search Ads could help strengthen the performance of your Search Parners. For now, I’d monitor your search partner stats carefully to see if you notice a significant difference in your metrics.

Use Google Bidding Solutions to utilise bidding to signals on Search Partners

You still can’t opt into targeting specific search partners on Google. However a way to optimise towards the search partners that work best for you, you can utilise Google’s automated bidding solutions. Search Partners are a signal that Google incorporate into the bidding decisions that they make, so opting in to one of these should optimise towards YouTube if Google sees good enough results from this partner.

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